Mental Health and Academic Services

LearnWell is specialized and dedicated to supporting the 49% of all students who may face an underlying mental health condition—such as anxiety, depression or other mood disorders—which often manifest in self-destructive behavior, substance use, and eating disorders. In partnership with treatment facilities and school districts, we provide an integrated set of academic and mental wellness services for students and their families throughout the continuum of care. As students begin to show signs of emerging mental health needs, our psychiatric counseling teams provide therapeutic support for schools to help reduce the risk of hospitalization or other crises. When students are hospitalized, our educators provide a specialized approach to supporting the academic progress for those receiving mental health treatment. Upon discharge from the hospital, we provide the ongoing mental health counseling and one-to-one academic tutoring for students as they re-integrate back into the classroom environment.

Engage your school-age patients through a positive learning experience

Learn how the Rockford Center Partial Program was able to keep kids engaged in the classroom leveraging our program.

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Do you have a passion for teaching in alternate settings? Want to have a positive impact counseling school-age patients? We are always looking for quality people to join our team.

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"…Prior to having the LearnWell program, we had many kids who would do anything to resist the time in the classroom. Now the kids look forward to that time."

Rockford Center: Partial Program

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If you’re responsible for educational continuity for school-age patients, we could be of assistance to you and your organization. Contact us to learn more about how LearnWell can meet your programs specific needs.

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