Homebound Instruction

Children all over face a number of challenges that might prevent them from being able to attend school, but don’t require them to be hospitalized.

Whether a child is on a medical, emotional, or disciplinary leave, they still need to continue their school work—and they are better positioned to return to school if they are up to date with their assignments.

How We Do it Differently

LearnWell provides tutoring to children, adolescents and adult learners.

The student’s virtual tutoring session happens anywhere where there is a stable internet connection available. Our tutor works closely with the local school to gather work and communicate academic progress.

We strive to ensure that our tutors’ credentials are matched closely to the needs of each student. For example, a French speaking tutor can be provided for a student taking French. In addition, we work to create a tutoring arrangement that works for each student and their family’s busy schedule.

“[Working with LearnWell] allows the school component of the program to be managed by people who are experts in education rather than expecting therapists to be experts in education.”

Rockford Center: Partial Program
Hospital based instruction for student-patients

How to Get Started

  • Contact us to place a request for instruction. If you are a school district, submit the required information on the Virtual Tutoring Request Form.
  • Our staff will match the right tutor to the student’s unique academic needs.
  • The tutor will then coordinate instruction to take place at a time and location that works for the family/student.
  • Contact us directly with any questions at (508) 732-9101.

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How Can We Help You?

If you’re responsible for the homebound tutoring coordination at your district and need tutoring please contact us to let us know your needs.

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