Helping Adolescents Succeed in Life and School

As adolescents navigate puberty, their brains are developing at a rapid rate. Studies show that academic success during this time can be an important factor in helping them build self-esteem and developing a sense of efficacy. This is why it’s so important for parents and professionals to understand the importance of going to school and how even small absences can affect promotion to the next grade.

Encouragement Is Key
Encouragement is a powerful tool when working with adolescents. Making sure they know we believe in them and will work to help them succeed is essential. When kids feel like we are on their side, they will be more likely to trust us and take our advice seriously. We need to meet them where they are at, see things from their point of view, and respond with empathy without letting our own emotions get the best of us.

Chronic Absences Can Affect Promotion
It’s important for both parents, educators, and professioinals to recognize the potential impact of chronic absences on academic success. Studies have found that regular absenteeism can significantly reduce the chances that students will be promoted to the next grade level. In other words, missing school often enough can have lasting consequences on their academic career trajectory even if they manage to catch up later on.

Chronically absent students also may not be able to develop critical problem-solving skills or learn how to effectively collaborate with others as those concepts may not be covered adequately due absence from class or lack of participation when present in class. Moreover, studies suggest that these same students often don’t do well on tests either because they are unable to keep up with what is being taught or because they become disengaged due lack of interest in subject material as a result of missed classes or poor academic performance.

Parents and clinical professionals should talk with their children about the importance of attending school regularly and staying engaged while there. In a hospital setting it is important to integrate school into the clinical day to keep the patients engaged in academic activities. It’s also important for adults working with adolescents realize that encouragement is key when it comes helping them succeed academically — meeting kids where they are at while still providing guidance is crucial in order for adolescents achieve success during this formative time in their lives.

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