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We’re looking forward to working with you to help the students in your district who are experiencing a medical absence stay on top of their schoolwork.

To apply for flexible, personalized instruction for your students, all we need for you to do is complete the form below.

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It is recommended that you have the materials you’ll need in front of you before you begin. For example, you’ll need a student’s current class list, parent or guardian contact information, any scheduling considerations, and the reason for/length of the medical absence.

After you’ve submitted the form, you will be contacted by one of LearnWell’s experts—usually within 24 hours—to go over your request and discuss the correct tutoring solution for your student’s needs.

Virtual Tutoring Request Form

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Upon successful form submission, a confirmation email will be sent to the school contact email address listed on the form.  If one is not received, please re-enter the information and re-submit or call the corporate office at (877) 732-9101 for assistance.