School-Age Patient Education

That Helps Them Smoothly Transition From Your Behavioral Health Center Back To School

We build custom educational programs to meet the needs of your school-age patient and your behavioral health center.

Our patients are receiving treatment for a variety of behavioral health conditions and they have a variety of educational needs. You need more than a teacher—you need someone who will be part of your team—and provide normalcy for the children and adolescents. We work throughout the continuum of care from partial hospitalization programs, acute inpatient units, to residential programs. That is why we customize the education program for each behavioral health setting: because the level of care has different needs and patient populations and therefore, different educational requirements. Our academics program is available both virtually and in-person (in certain geographies).

We focus on three key components to help ensure that you and your school-age patients accomplish your goals:
Quality and Compliance
In most cases, children receiving behavioral health care are required to continue academic progress, and we’ll help you maintain accountability and compliance with local, state, and federal requirements.
Low / No Cost
We manage all aspects of the educational program so you don’t have to, all while operating at low—or even no—cost to you (depending on your program/state). This way, you can focus on clinical recovery and therapeutic services, rather than hospital tutoring services.
School Communication
Our high level of communication with schools provides school age patients with their own schoolwork. Students are more engaged when staying on track with their home peer group and experiencing success in school build self-esteem in children and adolescents. Students without access to their own work gain access to our custom curriculum.

“…with LearnWell I feel like we were able to provide an even higher level educational program…the big difference is the connection with the kids’ school system…getting kids’ school work, keeping them up to date so that when they do return it is less disruptive.”

Program Director at Walker Community-based Acute Treatment

Our Teachers Help Students Ensure Continuity in the Academic Process

Our experts manage the educational process between you, the schools, and your patients.

Communication and integration are two of the most critical elements of an education program in this environment. The success of the program and of the students relies heavily on communication and integration between:


Our teachers and hospital floor staff—we connect daily on the unit


Our leaders and hostpital staff—we connect monthly during program review


Our teachers and school districts—upon admission, we contact the child’s school district and then guidance counselor


Our teachers and parents—we are available to address questions and concerns from parents, as well as enlist their help when needed for communication with schools


Our teacher—we have a network of teachers that work together to help each other improve

What Makes Us Succeed? The Teachers.

To drive success, it’s important that our teachers develop strong bonds with school-age patients and their families.


First, we work with you to identify essential certifications and competencies that a teacher needs to have based on your knowledge of your population.

Second, we follow a structured interview process to identify the top candidates for this position.
Third, we invite you to participate in the recruitment process. This can include but is not limited to, observing them teach during their demonstration day and/or conducting the final interview.
Last, and once hired, we implement Individual Development Plans and professional development activities that teachers participate in on a bi-weekly basis. Our network of teachers work and train together regularly to strengthen their skills in this environment.

We actively train and coach our teachers to be well rounded, passionate and to become an active member of the hospital and work family. We nurture our team of 250+ teachers with a variety of teaching licenses that allows us to work collaboratively and support each other in different instruction scenarios.

We hold our teachers to high standards including qualifications, performance, and education, and we make this very clear so that we can see what our teachers are doing at every step of the way. We’ve developed a three-tiered lesson plan approach, and focus on recruiting and developing teachers who have experience in multi-level and multi-subject class sessions.

These high quality lesson plans are age/grade appropriate and engaging, and we track this through a number of KPI’s, including attendance percentage.

How Can We Help You?

If you’re responsible for the education program for student-patients at a behavioral health center, we understand your unique set of challenges. Contact us to learn more about how LearnWell can help you achieve your (and their) goals today.

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