Our Purpose

LearnWell’s purpose is to improve the lives of those facing behavioral health needs by providing more equitable access to counseling and academic services.


1 Collaboration

Teamwork and cooperation, with and among our teammates, are hallmarks of our approach to working with our clients.

2 Integrity

We cherish the quality of honesty and expect the highest of moral principles from ourselves and our teammates.

3 Compassion

We serve our clients with care and kindness and embrace empathy as mission critical to our work.

4 Accountability

We take great pride in our work and gladly take ownership and responsibility for the outcomes of our actions.

5 Resilience

We experience unexpected difficult situations daily and recover by being innovative, adaptable, and flexible.
Engage your school-age patients through a positive learning experience

Learn how the Rockford Center Partial Program was able to keep kids engaged in the classroom leveraging our program.

Make a lasting impact

Do you have a passion for teaching in alternate settings? We are always looking for quality people to join our team.

“…Prior to having the LearnWell program, we had many kids who would do anything to resist the time in the classroom. Now the kids look forward to that time.”

Rockford Center: Partial Program

How Can We Help You?

If you’re responsible for educational continuity for school-age patients, we could be of assistance to you and your organization. Contact us to learn more about how LearnWell can meet your programs specific needs.

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