Caring Teachers Are Our Foundation

LearnWell isn’t a typical teaching job. Many of our students have special needs or are going through a very challenging time. Sometimes, success at LearnWell is more about positively impacting a student’s life than reaching a standardized testing goal. And while we rarely see a student through a whole school year, the time they spend with us is often the first time they have been in a small classroom environment, getting personalized instruction from someone laser focused on their needs. So, what are the qualities of a LearnWell teacher? Our teachers are passionate, flexible, and most importantly—caring. They thrive on helping each student succeed in this unique educational environment, ultimately working towards a more successful transition back to school.

A Few Profiles of Our Incredible Staff


Assistant Director

Andrew joined LearnWell in 2015 as a teacher in our New England region and worked daily with students coping with anxiety and depression. In the years that followed Andrew was promoted, first to Team Leader and then to his current role as Assistant Director.  When asked if there was anything about his job that surprised him, he responded “I was surprised by the amount of camaraderie within the organization. Originally, I had only thought of teaching positions as independent work, but LearnWell is incredibly team-focused. A challenge with a student or with administrative work is never seen as just one person’s burden but rather an obstacle we work through as a team.”


Lead Teacher

Angela is a Lead Teacher at one of our psychiatric hospital programs. She came to LearnWell with experience teaching children with Autism Spectrum Disorder. Quote: “There are so many things that I love about working for LearnWell in the hospital setting. I can truly say that I have finally found my dream job. I enjoy teaching students in a non-traditional way. I love that I can be creative with my lesson plans and make learning fun for my students. I enjoy collaborating with hospital staff about the needs of my students and how to best help them. Most of all, I love letting my students know that I care”


Adolescent Teacher

Gloria is an Adolescent Teacher at one of our behavioral health hospitals. Although she is passionate about teaching, Gloria has grown to appreciate collaborating with parents and school districts, as well: “I have come to realize the importance and meaning behind the phone calls and emails we send each day. We are building a support network for the student… I love working with school counselors and seeing the support network that students have both in and out of placement. Students frequently come in with a lot of concerns about missing work, but when I communicate to them that we do everything in our power to keep them up to date, it gives them the opportunity to focus on their treatment.”


Assistant Director

Matt is an Assistant Director who joined us as a teacher in 2015 and worked his way up to his current role. When asked about the challenges of the job, Matt said “I think a challenge is adapting to all of the different age groups that I can see in one classroom at a time… It can be difficult, but it also creates a unique environment you will never experience in any standard school setting.” In regards to working at LearnWell, Matt adds, “I would have to say that the number one thing that brings me back every morning is the staff that surrounds me… the environment has stayed that of a second family…the connections that I have made in my time here at LearnWell are ones that will stay with me long into the future.”

"The LearnWell teachers are a vital part of the multidisciplinary treatment team, providing information of their direct observations of youth during class time that impact the treatment planning process."

Westwood Lodge Hospital & Lowell Treatment Center

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