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Caring Teachers Are Our Foundation

LearnWell isn’t a typical teaching job. Many of our students have special needs or are going through a very challenging time. Sometimes, success at LearnWell is more about positively impacting a student’s life than reaching a standardized testing goal. And while we rarely see a student through a whole school year, the time they spend with us is often the first time they have been in a small classroom environment, getting personalized instruction from someone laser focused on their needs. So, what are the qualities of a LearnWell teacher? Our teachers are passionate, flexible, and most importantly—caring. They thrive on helping each student succeed in this unique educational environment, ultimately working towards a more successful transition back to school.

A Few Profiles of Our Incredible Staff


Lead Teacher

Angela is a Lead Teacher at one of our psychiatric hospital programs. She came to LearnWell with experience teaching children with Autism Spectrum Disorder. Quote: “There are so many things that I love about working for LearnWell in the hospital setting. I can truly say that I have finally found my dream job. I enjoy teaching students in a non-traditional way. I love that I can be creative with my lesson plans and make learning fun for my students. I enjoy collaborating with hospital staff about the needs of my students and how to best help them. Most of all, I love letting my students know that I care”



Amy is an adolescent teacher at one of our Illinois locations. Prior to joining LearnWell in the Fall of 2019, she spent 12 years as a paraprofessional in a junior high school. Amy has a bachelor’s degree from Illinois State University in Speech Communications and English, and a master’s degree in Secondary Education from Grand Canyon University. In her free time, Amy spends time with her husband and their 5 pets – dogs, Lucy, Ethel, and Frijole and cats, Augustus and Cassie. She also loves to knit.



Hilary has been with LearnWell since 2019 as an adolescent teacher in a behavioral health facility. “My goal is to help students feel safe in the classroom and to help them explore new ways of learning and thinking. My favorite piece of student feedback is ‘What do you mean class is over already?’” Hilary graduated in 2011 from Cairn University with a Masters in Education and a Bachelors in Secondary English, and then spent several years teaching social studies and language arts in middle school. She still enjoys sharing great picture books with her students, regardless of their age group. In her spare time, Hilary can be found buying more books to populate her library, reading, drawing, or researching an interesting piece of trivia.



After years in the public school system, I was looking for something different in education. Teaching in a non-traditional space presents unique challenges. Due to the nature of the student population, students come and go fairly quickly. While this is a challenge, it allows me to constantly adjust my lessons and my approach. There is never a dull moment, and I wouldn’t have it any other way. I have learned so much from my incredible students and amazing colleagues.



Melissa is a teacher at one of our partial hospitalization programs. Prior to joining LearnWell, she taught middle and high school students which provided her with a multitude of skill sets in higher-level academia and interpersonal relationships. About joining the team at LearnWell, Melissa says, “I finally have the opportunity to truly work one on one with students, while experiencing the full support of the management team. Watching these students prosper academically while enduring overwhelming health issues gives me hope for the adults they will become. As Eleanor Roosevelt once said, ‘All of life is a constant education.’”



Amy is an educator in one of our residential medical facilities. Her background is in math, special education, and professional developing and coaching. Amy is proud to provide support and opportunities for her students while they are in treatment. She empowers her students through a compassionate and flexible approach to learning, all the while helping to keep students connected to their schools back home. When she’s not teaching, Amy enjoys all types of outdoor activities with her family, and singing with her a cappella group.



Hello! My name is Seye Akinbulumo, a double eagle from Boston College. Teaching is a passion of mine, and I am grateful for being part of the Learnwell team. When not teaching, I enjoy listening and playing jazz music as well as reading. I also enjoy the inclusion of those who have been historically marginalized somehow infused in the curriculum and related to the pursuit of social justice.



When I completed my Bachelors from National Institute of Technology, India, little did I know, that I would find my real fulfillment in a teaching job, halfway across the globe! Every student that I meet in LearnWell Classroom, is a “multipotentialite”. And given the right support and encouragement they almost always show their skills! I strongly believe in restorative nature of visual arts, hence every week we have Friday Art classes!

“The LearnWell teachers are a vital part of the multidisciplinary treatment team, providing information of their direct observations of youth during class time that impact the treatment planning process.”

Westwood Lodge Hospital & Lowell Treatment Center

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