Promoting Academic Progress During Mental Health Treatment

When students require treatment in an inpatient, residential or day-treatment facility, LearnWell Academics During Mental Health Treatment provide a specialized instructional approach to supporting academic progress.


Transitioning Back to the School Environment Following Treatment

LearnWell Virtual Tutoring sessions are available to help students who may be homebound for a period of time, or who may need additional support when they return to class to catch-up or maintain progress with classmates.


Comprehensive Counseling
A LearnWell company

Comprehensive Counseling LCSWs is an affiliate company of LearnWell. As a longstanding and respected mental health organization in the New York City metropolitan area, we connect patients and therapists who offer in-person and virtual counseling.


Supporting Mental Health Wellness for:

Treatment Facilities

As an integrated component of your clinical programming, our academic programs help foster continuity and structure for students, while reducing the stress of falling behind during treatment. Our educators are specially trained to address unique needs of students in behavioral health treatment. Our counseling services are available as part of the discharge process to provide ongoing support to help ease the transition from treatment facility to home.

School Districts

Our counseling services act as a support to your district psychologists and guidance counselors to serve students with emerging mental health needs and those who may require ongoing services after mental health treatment. Additionally, we provide high-quality academic instruction and tutoring for your students receiving mental health treatment.


Your child will receive mental health counseling and academic services throughout the continuum of care from a staff dedicated to one mission: supporting mental health student wellness.

LearnWell provides an integrated set of academic and mental health services for students and their families throughout the continuum of care to address emerging mental health needs, promote academic wellness during treatment, and support the transition back to the school environment following treatment.

Across the country we partner with hospitals and treatment facilities, K-12 school districts, and families to support mental health wellness.

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Why Partner with LearnWell?

LearnWell is specialized and dedicated to supporting the 49% of all students who may face an underlying mental health condition—such as anxiety, depression or other mood disorders—which often manifest in self-destructive behavior, substance use, and eating disorders. In partnership with treatment facilities and school districts, we provide an integrated set of academic and mental wellness services for students and their families throughout the continuum of care.

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Assistant Director

Andrew is an Assistant Director who has been with LearnWell for 3 years, starting as a teacher at a Community-Based Acute Treatment (CBAT) program. He currently manages 7 teachers in their professional development in behavioral health settings and collaborates with Program Directors on 9 hospital accounts in Southern Massachusetts. When asked what is something he likes about LearnWell, he responded “I love that our work makes a difference in students’ lives. Many students can slip through the cracks in our education system when they are hospitalized for a few weeks, but we bridge that gap to ensure they stay on track to graduate!”

Working with LearnWell allows the school component of the program to be managed by people who are experts in education rather than expecting therapists to be experts in education.

Ima Jean SmithRockford Center

The fact that I’ve been told that 100% of our kids have their school work is amazing and definitely shows that there's an improvement and things are successful.

DirectorHealthAlliance of the Hudson Valley

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