Leadership Team

Jonathan W. Pinault

Jonathan W. Pinault

Director of IT

Jonathan joined the company in 2021 as the Director of IT with a mission of driving process improvement, refining information technology platforms, and fostering innovation with our new employee medical record roll out. He brings with him experience with hospital infrastructure project implementations including the creation of new emergency departments as well as outfitting facilities for psychologists. In addition to this experience, he also brings expertise with rolling out a multitude of telehealth platforms for a variety of settings within a large hospital enterprise. In the present, he is working to collaborate with our hospitals across all educational platforms as we strive to improve experiences for both the teachers and students alike.

Jonathan holds an MBA in business management from Walden University, a bachelor’s degree in entrepreneurial management from the University of Rhode Island, and an ITIL certification in service management. In addition to his work at LearnWell, Jonathan also works with local Fitness and Martial arts business owners as a master instructor to assist them with their entrepreneurial endeavors. This work includes Business strategy, financial planning, process improvement for instruction, and actual participation in teaching classes.

He lives in Rhode Island with his two sons which he enjoys spending most of his free time with. When he is not engaged in family activities he spends time on martial arts instruction, fitness, family, and friends.

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