Brooke Glen Behavioral Hospital

Adolescent Psychiatric Inpatient Unit

Unit Capacity: 22 | Previous solution: Other Vendor | 10+ Years of Partnership

Fort Washington, PA

The program at our inpatient mental health hospital is designed to identify the effects of mental distress to offer support, guidance and intervention for teens to successfully cope with issues such as:

  • Anxiety disorders
  • Impulse control issues
  • Oppositionality/conduct issues
  • Bullying
  • Mood Disorders (depression/disruptive mood)
  • Situational and school stress
  • Trauma-related problems

What would benefit your patients/students the most?

Understanding how the past experiences affect behavior so that our support leads to positive outcomes where adolescents continue to grow and develop into healthy, productive adults.

Why did you choose LearnWell?

We wanted to ensure that our adolescent patients received the best possible education while in our care.

What do you think LearnWell is exceedingly good at?

Specifically, the staff in our facility have a good understanding of how trauma effects the behavior of our adolescents. This awareness makes our teacher effective at heading off situations that have the potential to be very disruptive. Learn Well teachers are exceptionally organized, creative and always present.

How can organizations like ours best support students?

By not allowing them to fall behind in their education and ensuring services are available to patients after discharge. Options are limited for teens needing residential help.

How does LearnWell compliment what you do?

Learnwell compliments the treatment adolescents receive by working with the various school administration to help transition patients back home or on to other level of treatment. We all work together to provide the best services for our patients.

This case study was responded to by the Chief Nursing Officer, Nurse Manager and Program Manager at the hospital.

How Can We Help You?

If you’re responsible for the education program for student-patients at a behavioral health center, we understand your unique set of challenges. Contact us to learn more about how LearnWell can help you achieve your (and their) goals today.

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