Spring Harbor Hospital: Part of Maine Behavioral Healthcare

Westbrook, ME

One Full-Time Teacher and One Full-Time Teaching Assistant for Children and Adolescents Ages 5-18 Years

“The LearnWell team really gives it their all. They are creative, energetic teachers who are really dedicated to serving every one of our youth. They go out of their way to be sure that every child’s individual educational needs are recognized and addressed. Most important of all, the kids-all of them – love to go to class. The LearnWell teachers’ energy is infectious and the engagement is outstanding!”

Medical Director for Child and Adolescent Services


Spring Harbor Hospital, which draws students from a range of surrounding towns and communities, was having difficulty engaging students in the educational programs at the facility. Educational services were being provided through the local district; however, the task of coordinating with schools across a large number of communities proved to be challenging. This led Spring Harbor to seek a partner with the ability to coordinate with schools throughout the region and increase students’ academic engagement as part of the treatment process.


LearnWell has been providing educational services to the behavioral health student population for over twenty years and is currently serving over 22,000 students from 4,000 school districts per year. Because of this, LearnWell teachers understand the full continuum of care in behavioral health facilities and are sensitive to the unique needs of each patient. This gave Spring Harbor Hospital confidence turning to Learn Well to provide the educational component of their individualized treatment plan. Spring Harbor Hospital was included as an integral part of the LearnWell teacher hiring process, ensuring that the teachers would be a good fit for their student population and facility culture. LearnWell also collaborated with Spring Harbor Hospital to integrate the LearnWell education management process into the hospital’s existing clinical schedule and systems, which was important in establishing an effective communication plan from the start.

LearnWell teachers connect with the student’s school district to obtain individualized schoolwork for each child receiving treatment. This has helped students maintain academic progress for their specific curriculum. The LearnWell teachers have increased engagement in schoolwork, as well, by designing and delivering lessons that students find engaging both during and after their scheduled school programming time. Equally important, because the LearnWell teachers provide regular communication, hospital staff are able to work with the students on their ongoing assignments, if needed, to extend the school experience into the rest of their treatment.

“We work hard to have programming that is relevant for all of our youth… both in terms of treatment but also relevant in terms of the other needs of the youth while they are here. Mental health needs are, of course, our focus here, but the educational needs are equally important, and it is so exciting when you go to the unit and all of the kids are in class.”

- Medical Director for Child and Adolescent Services

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If you’re responsible for the education program for student-patients at a behavioral health center, we understand your unique set of challenges. Contact us to learn more about how LearnWell can help you achieve your (and their) goals today.

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