Summit Oaks Hospital

Child & Adolescent Inpatient Psychiatric Unit
Unit Capacity: 22 | Previous solution: In-house |15 Years of Partnership

Summit, NJ:

Summit Oaks Hospital is a short term acute care inpatient unit designed for assessment, stabilization and referral to step down programming.

What would benefit your patients/students the most?

Our patients and students would benefit the most from continued consistency and competency in gender issues.

Why did you choose LearnWeII?

We have previously worked with some of the staff at a prior company.

What do you think LearnWeII is exceedingly good at?

LearnWell’s process is seamless; they take care of all administrative tasks for us.

How can organizations like ours best support students?

We can support students by having a good understanding of behavioral health, de-escalation, and cultural competency.

How does LearnWeII compliment what you do?

Learnwell assists us in providing structure and normalcy. Most significantly it helps reduce the stress of academic worries for our patients and families.

What trends are you seeing in mental health care for children and adolescents?

We began to see a few different trends during the pandemic. Some of those topics include gender issues, increased isolation, and increased severity particularly with severity of suicide attempts.

What is your vision for the future of services for behavioral health education?

We would like to keep continue our collaboration to help meet the changing needs of youth.

This case study was responded to by the ChiefNursing Officer, Nurse Manager and Program Manager at the hospital.

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