The Behavioral Health Center at Westchester Medical Center

Valhala, NY

Two Full-Time Teachers for Children Ages 3-18

“Learnwell’s efforts to work closely with the school district improved all aspects of the Center’s teaching program for both the staff and patients.”


The Behavioral Health Center at Westchester Medical Center offers inpatient treatment for both children and adolescents. The educational provider that the Behavioral Health Center initially contracted with could not provide consistent programming due to a lack of funding to support teacher salaries. As a result, the patients experienced inconsistent instruction.

The Behavioral Health Center challenged LearnWell to tackle the problems plaguing its education program. The LearnWell team accepted that challenge, striving to improve the relationships with the patients’ school districts to ensure adequate funding for the program.


LearnWell started communicating with parents and the patients’ school districts upon intake by integrating its referral paperwork with the hospital admission forms. This gives Learn Well the ability to obtain district funding to support the cost of salaried teachers who can work with patients on a daily basis. Patients now experience the much-needed consistency in their academic experience at the Behavioral Health Center at Westchester Medical Center.

“We’ve received school work for over 1,000 students since the implementation of the LearnWell education program.”

How Can We Help You?

If you’re responsible for the education program for student-patients at a behavioral health center, we understand your unique set of challenges. Contact us to learn more about how LearnWell can help you achieve your (and their) goals today.

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