Walker: Community-based Acute Treatment Program

Needham, MA

One Teacher for Children Ages 3-17

“…with LearnWell I feel like we were able to provide an even higher educational program…the big difference is the connection with the kids’ school system…getting kid’s school work, keepeing them up to date so that when they do return it is less disruptive.”


At Walker, there were two challenges that prevented the program from reaching its full potential. The first problem was financial, in part because Walker employed their own teacher. This teacher had been there for a long time and they were very happy with her. The problem was that they were paying her a salary and were unable to obtain reimbursements from school districts and insurance companies to cover these costs. In order to employ their teacher, they had to borrow funds from other Walker programs. The second problem was that they did not have relationships with their patients’ school districts at an academic level. The only connection to schools was that of the case managers discussing transition plans to re-enter school. There was no link between the work that the kids were doing at Walker and the work they would be returning too.


Through Walker’s partnership with Learn Well they are now receiving a service that covers the cost of the teacher and lesson materials, while meeting all their needs. Initially, they found it difficult to let their teacher go, but they quickly realized the positive impact this would have on the clinical component of their program and how misguided their concerns were. The second benefit that they received was an increase in school district communication. The transition to a LearnWell teacher was seamless and helped make this possible. Now, more students are receiving and completing their own school work. This is because LearnWell teachers understand the importance of communication with the school districts and the role this plays in ensuring that patients receive credit for their work and achieve smoother transitions back to school.

“…the willingness to be able to continue to be flexible and Learn Well to be able to work around somewhat unusual situations is very positive.

How Can We Help You?

If you’re responsible for the education program for student-patients at a behavioral health center, we understand your unique set of challenges. Contact us to learn more about how LearnWell can help you achieve your (and their) goals today.

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