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When does a student have time to prepare themselves for the SAT test if they are already racing to keeping up with their extensive list of daily responsibilities?

This question is one that parents and students face each year as they attempt to balance today’s busy schedules with the real life demands of checking off various tasks with never enough time. Modern-day students have an extensive daily, weekly, monthly and yearly list that they must constantly stay focused on to stay competitive with their fellow classmates and students around the world.

But at a certain point in every high school student’s life they must find time to prepare for the inevitable: the SAT. This summer, Education, Inc. is expanding its partnerships for the July and August summer months in the New York and New Jersey areas to provide more affordable SAT Prep Class at locations that are already working with these very students.

Education, Inc. is the unparalleled national leader in providing K-12 educational programs to student-patients in hospitals, rehabilitation centers, behavioral health centers and in-home programs. The company website provides an overall picture of the mission at  Education, Inc.

For a facility that already works with these students, wouldn’t it be nice to provide them with another tool for their future? They are already participating in activities at your location. By adding this beneficial one, we can help them check off one of their various tasks together.

The Potential Benefits of partnering with Education, Inc. for SAT courses at your facility include:

• Your student population will have a better understanding of the SAT test and will learn key strategies to be more successful when taking the test.

• Your families will receive an opportunity to enroll their child in a more affordable SAT course at your location that they may be having trouble finding in the area.

• A certified teacher will instruct your student population at a designated time and location at your facility.

The most important part of the process is for students to learn what to expect on the big day of the SAT test and how to successfully navigate it while learning at a location they already feel comfortable at. Examples of some of the strategies they will be exposed to include: reading the section directions before the test, answering the questions you know first, eliminating incorrect answers and the first response is usually the best response.

The courses are designed to your location’s preferences as a 1 week – 4 day for 4 hours per day class or 5 day for 3 hours per day class. Class times are based on the times that work best for your site. The cost per student would be $300 for either class option.

To start registering your location for a more affordable SAT Prep Class to students this summer, please contact Greg Pinkham at or call at (914) 886-5383.

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