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Tips for Addressing Parent Concerns & Meeting Expectations


Providing for the needs of patients and their families is an important customer service indicator, and plays a large role in the reputation a facility earns, and the feedback it receives. By recognizing the importance many families place on a child’s education, hospitals and other medical or rehabilitation facilities can meet the needs of families and ensure a positive reputation in that department.


Here are a few things that successful facilities do to help anticipate and address the concerns of families in the area of academics:


  1. They have a clear and structured plan for how educational programming is provided, and are able to relay that information to parents and family members. Parents might be provided with materials detailing the process to refer back to, or are given the contact of one team member who is able to answer all of their questions regarding their child’s ongoing education.
  2. The hospital’s education program is staffed with teachers who are certified in areas relevant to the population of patients, and who are trained to specifically address and handle the unique needs of the student-patients. By recognizing the specific challenges and opportunities of providing academic services in an alternative environment, hospital teachers are able to efficiently and effectively provide services appropriate for each individual student.
  3. The facilities maintain a positive relationship with local school districts, and understand how the hospitalization process works from a district’s point of view. These relationships help ensure swift delivery of—and reimbursement for—educational services, and facilitate a smooth transition back to school for the student upon discharge.


By having a high-quality, student-focused educational program, hospitals and other treatment facilities can help reduce the mental and emotional burden on families, as well as maintain a positive reputation for providing for the needs of the whole child during treatment.


LearnWell has helped many facilities develop or improve educational programming that meets, the needs and expectations of families. To see how LearnWell can help your facility, please contact us today.