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Group of elementary school pupils reading

Parents/ Guardians may also be concerned about children being too tired to complete work, or want the focus to be solely on “getting better”. It is important to discuss how academics are an important part of the process, and how it will help with the transition back to school. In addition, it is helpful to note how continuing at least some level of educational programming while hospitalized helps maintain a sense of normalcy and ensures the student continues to make academic progress. When families understand that the hospital education program takes the needs of the student into account (and recognizes it may look different or be flexible to account for difficult days), many are grateful that one burden or concern is taken care of for them—rather than requiring parents to handling the academic component themselves.


Other parents or families who have encountered previous hospitalizations—whether at the same or a different facility—may have certain expectations regarding the timeliness of service delivery and may even arrive at the hospital with materials ready for educational programming if the stay was anticipated. It is important to have a clear and consistent process for ensuring that these students are able to begin receiving services right away.