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Group of elementary school pupils reading

Having a child who undergoes a hospitalization can be an extremely difficult experience for parents and family members. In addition to worrying about their child’s condition and treatment, they are often saddled with coordinating schedules, providing for the needs of siblings, and arranging care and appointments with various service providers and medical personnel. Ensuring their child has access to academics is also something that many families value, and by providing a clear and supportive solution, hospitals and treatment facilities can help alleviate the level of concern in that area.


Questions Families May Have Regarding Academics During Hospitalization


Families who are undergoing their first hospitalization may have many questions regarding addressing a student-patient’s academic responsibilities during their stay. Some of these questions may include:


  • What will the school program look like while hospitalized?
  • Will my child receive credit for his/her work?
  • Is the teacher certified/ trained in the grade/subject my child is in?
  • How do we get schoolwork for our child?
  • What happens when my student is discharged, and how do we handle the transition back to school?
  • What about missed tests or exams while in the hospital?


Members of the treatment team play a valuable role in answering these questions and demonstrating the facility’s commitment to caring for the whole child.