Virtual Tutoring – How Certified Teachers Benefit High-Need Students

With remote learning becoming the norm due to the pandemic, many students have struggled to keep up with their academic pursuits. In particular, those with high needs have struggled the most. To address this problem, school districts have implemented LearnWell’s virtual tutoring services to provide students with one-on-one and small group instruction from highly qualified and certified teachers. These services are customized to cater to each student’s unique needs, schedules, and learning styles. In this blog post, we will explore the benefits of virtual tutoring and how it can help high-need students excel academically.

High-need students experience a variety of challenges in the traditional classroom setting, such as unfinished learning, remediation, and difficulty with the curriculum. However, virtual tutoring with certified teachers can provide them with the undivided attention they need to master concepts and build self-confidence. A director of special education or pupil services can easily implement the virtual tutoring service to help these students achieve their academic goals.

One of the biggest benefits of virtual tutoring is its accessibility. Students can access the service from the comfort of their own homes, reducing transportation challenges and making it easy and convenient for students to engage with their tutors. This convenience has led many students to feel more excited about school and learning, resulting in increased student attendance and engagement.

Another benefit of virtual tutoring is that it provides students with a personalized learning experience. Certified teachers can tailor the instruction to meet each student’s academic needs and individual learning styles. This approach helps students feel more supported and connected to their educators, leading to increased academic success in the long run.

School districts also benefit from the implementation of virtual tutoring services. These services can help support educators and keep them connected with their students. Teachers can use virtual tutoring as a tool to provide students with additional support and remediation as needed. This approach can help support students who have fallen behind and require loss mitigation or compensatory services.

Virtual tutoring is also a great tool to provide equitable access to highly qualified and skilled educators. Students in remote or underserved areas can benefit from the services of certified teachers who would not otherwise be able to serve them. This approach also enables schools to attract and retain highly skilled teachers who are passionate about providing personalized learning experiences.

In conclusion, LearnWell’s virtual tutoring services provides high-need students with a variety of benefits. It provides students with personalized support tailored to their unique academic needs, which helps build self-confidence and master complex concepts. The convenience of online tutoring also leads to increased engagement and excitement about learning. School districts can use our virtual tutoring services to support educators, increase attendance and engagement, and provide equitable access to highly skilled professionals. By implementing virtual tutoring services, school districts can help high-need students excel academically and succeed in their academic pursuits. Click here to fill out our virtual tutoring request form!

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