Walker: Community-based Acute Treatment Program

One Teacher For Children Ages 3-13 Years




At Walker, there were two challenges that prevented the program as a whole from reaching its full potential. The first problem was financial, in part because Walker employed their own teacher. This teacher had been there for a long time and they were very happy with her. The problem was that they were paying the salary and were unable to obtain reimbursements from school districts and insurance companies to cover their costs. They had to borrow funds from the budgets of other programs to employ their teacher and run their program. The second problem was with school district relationships. They didn’t have a connection with their patients’ school districts. There was no connection other than what the case managers did in terms of talking to school adjustment counselors and coordinating their transition back to school. There was no link between the work that the kids were doing at Walker and the work they would be returning too.

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